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Pet Transportation Turkey Pallas Cats

Pallas Cats’ Adventure in the Civilized World

Russian farmer Vladimir Ivanov, who lives in Russia-Irkutsk, saw 4 kittens one day while he was clearing the stall. Ivanov decided to look at the cats. He began to realize that as the cats grew up, they were a different species. Ivanov asked for a species of the cats to…
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Pet Transportation Turkey Talkavite Dogs

Talkavite Dogs

Why Do Some People Prefer Having Talkative Dog Breeds? If you ask this question to the owners of these kinds, the will they you that these breeds help make a quiet house more cheerful. Talkative dogs are outgoing, friendly and extroverts. This helps people to cope with their loneliness especially…
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Pet Transportation Turkey Games and Cats

Games and Cats

Play time is filled with stalking and pouncing things. The funny activities help kittens improve muscles, coordination and timing, and it teaches them survival and social skills. Cats always play because it’s funny.. 🙂 Kittens start playing socially with their siblings and mum around four weeks old. They usually stalk,…
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